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Introduction ( Terms of use )

The information contained within this document relates to the Connecting satara that offers you search services and online store as well. Please read these Terms of Trade carefully as they contain important information including warranty disclaimers and limitation of liability.


Connecting satara can make changes in the policies periodically without issuing any notice regarding the matter concerned. So, it's your liability to have an eye over our policies periodically. Changes which have been made by us shall become applicable as they are posted over the website.


The content of this website is general and is provided for information purposes only. The material or information services on this website are not and should not be regarded as advice, including legal or medical advice. Information on this website should not be used without validating that information from appropriate sources and obtaining professional advice where it is prudent to do so. You should make and rely upon your own assessment and enquiries to verify the accuracy of the information provided. By accepting the provided Acceptance Use Policy you are made bound to agreeing the terms and conditions provided.

In addition, to the full extent Connecting satara does not accepts any liability arising from your (Users) access to this website or any defects that your access to the website will be continuous or uninterrupted.

How to utilize information provided

Connecting satara accepts no liability arising from the information on this website. Connecting satara will not be liable for any loss, damages, cost or expenses incurred in or arising by any person's relying on the information on this website.

You may outlook operate, reprint, administer, the information provided on this website for internal, non-commercial, information purposes only.

You are not allowed or forbidden to do extracting, computing, Scraping or using any process or processes that send automated queries to Connecting satara.

Connecting satara does not provide grant to any collection and use of any product listing, descriptions or prices, any derivative use of this site or its contents, any downloading or copying of account information for the benefit of another distributer or broker has been prohibited.

Without having a expression of Connecting satara's prior written consent this site or any portion of this site may not be reproduced duplicated, copied, sold, resold, visited or otherwise exploited for any commercial purposes.

By using Connecting satara‘s name you may not use any hidden text without a prior consent of Connecting satara.

Copyright and trade marks

The entire content on this website including text, graphics, logos, photographs, audio, data complications etc all are property of Connecting satara only.

All related graphics, photographs, logos, product and services names are known as trademarks including registered and unregistered may not be used in connection with any other product and services without a legal consent of Connecting satara.

Information holds by us

Information provided by you (users) hold by Connecting satara according to the Privacy Policy managed by us. You may not provide any confidential or sensitive information to us. If any confidential information has been provided to us by the user we are not held liable to maintain its sensitivity. We are free to disclose, use, distribute the provided information to any other and also we may utilize such information for any purposes.

The information regarded as personally identifiable information that we agree to keep confidential as mentioned in our privacy policy. Information held as non-sensitive information are any feedback, data ,question, answers, suggestions, comments ,ides etc..

Reviews, rating & comments made by you

You are made only responsible for any content you made available to the site or any transmission or any material added by you to the site.

Yours reviews, ratings, Comments posted by you does not represent the view line of Connecting satara. If any public communication made available by you on the site than you are providing an automatic grant to the Connecting satara to use, reproduce, distribute, publicity, display, publically perform, adapt, modify, edit, incorporate in one or more complications and reproduce and distribute such complications and otherwise exploit such communication.

Connecting satara does not having any obligations to edit or remove any of the reviews, rating or comments made by you on the site even though Connecting satara holds the right that it may be mask or unmask the identity of the user regarding your reviews, ratings, comments and also have right to edit or remove the concerned comments, reviews, ratings.

If you made a approval and certify that the mentioned rights has been granted by you to the Connecting satara .we holds the rights to refrain any false, misleading, derogatory or otherwise offensive communication to distribute, published through this site. If any communication violates the intellectual property rights, right to contract, sensitive trade information, privacy or publicity right of any of the third party causes injury of any kind to any person or entity shall also be refrain by the Connecting satara to made available over the website.

If any issue regarding any reviews, rating, comments has been generated then Connecting satara shall have right to take a legal action against you and you may also protect Connecting satara from any claim for damages maintained by you in the reviews, comments and rating on the site.

Connecting satara does not held responsible or liable for any post made by you or by third party site over the website.

Privacy policy

Connecting satara is faithful towards its clients in order to maintain the personal identify information provided by the users.

The Privacy agreed to maintain by Connecting satara in its privacy policy shall be keep confidential. For more information you can check out our Privacy Policy.

Limitation of liability

Connecting satara does not accept any liability arising from the information on the website or the website linked with this websites, being incorrect, incomplete or misleading. Any loss, damages, cost or expense incurred in or arising by reasons of any person relying over the information on this website, Connecting satara limits its liability where it is entitled to do so.Third Party Websites Connecting satara may include links on this website to websites owned by the other parties. Connecting satara is not held responsible for any dealing, material contained on these sites.

The dealing is only between you and the concerned website, Connecting satara shall not being held liable for any damages, offences or loss occurred as a result of visiting such sites.


It is mandatory for every goods or service provider to get register with Connecting satara. We are not liable to examine the nature and loyalty of goods and service or the provider of such goods and services as well.

Connecting satara does not provide any warranty of any kind regarding the material and the policies used by us to provide the material (including website) no such warranty shall be provided either express or entailed or statutory, Inclusive of the entailed warranties provided by merchants and non-violation.

Connecting satara does not held liable to correct any defect or errors occurred or does not provides assurance that provided content is free from any viruses or any other detrimental components.

Connecting satara denies any of all warranties to the fullest extent permitted by law. We does not held responsible for any information, goods or services obtained through other websites or advertised through the platforms.

Jurisdictions of some countries do not allow prohibiting such implied warranties. So, the exclusion may not apply to you. Jurisdiction of different countries varies accordingly to the laws and principles maintained by them so with that you may provided with other rights also.

Refund and Cancelation policy

Once you paid off the amount of the related service or membership you cannot claim or cancel such service or membership. Refund cannot be made by Connecting satara in any case and once the membership held it cannot be cancelled, It must be understand by the users Connecting satara holds the right to cancel the membership of members on the reasonable grounds without providing any reasons or prior notice to the member for the same.


You should agrees to indemnify and holds Connecting satara and our parent, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, agents, employees innocuous from any claim or demand including reasonable attorney's fees and court expenses, made by the first party arising due to the breach of these Terms & Conditions, any violation made by you regarding any law or any contravention of the rights of the third party. Including infringement by you any intellectual property or any other rights of any other person or entity. These obligations will survive any termination of the terms as well.

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